Friday, October 27, is the day: Neoliet Utrecht celebrates its six-year anniversary with a stunner of a party, called NEONOX6. This promises to be an evening full of fun and neon lights. Read all you need to know about this cool event here.

Ready to shine?

NEONOX is a fusion of "Neo" by Neolite and "Neon" because of the spectacular neon experiences that await you, and "Nox," the Latin word for night. The result? A brand new night you won't soon forget. This is what you can expect during this six-year anniversary party at Neoliet Utrecht.

The party is divided into two time slots: from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for younger climbers and from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. for adults.

The ingredients of NEONOX6

To make NEONOX6 an unforgettable event, Neoliet Utrecht has put together an impressive list of activities and entertainment:

#1 DJs

Dance the night away to the beats of DJ Wolf and DJ Rensix! They will rock the climbing hall with their music selections!

#2 Happy Hour

Take advantage of special offers during the Happy Hour from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. to take your party mood to the next level.

#3 Best dressed awards

Get out your most striking and colorful lamp outfit and win the prize for the most beautiful outfit. Unleash your creativity because this is your moment to shine!

#4 Climbing in the dark.

Venture into darkness and experience climbing in a whole new way. Do you dare the challenge?

#5 Light show

Be mesmerized by the impressive light show with disco effects, head lights and lasers that transform the climbing hall into a Neon Paradise.

Celebrate six-year anniversary with Neoliet Utrecht

The six-year anniversary of Neoliet Utrecht is a milestone that should not go unnoticed. NEONOX6 promises to be a night full of music, neon lights and surprises. So be there and celebrate with us on Friday, Oct. 27. And don't forget to pull out your most radiant outfit, because NEONOX6 is all about shining in the dark. We'll see you there!