Do your shoes also notice that you are growing by giant steps? Is your birthday wish list already occupied by a new phone? No room for an extra side job for new climbing shoes? No worries! If you're a member of Neoliet, we'll provide suitable climbing shoes if you can't or don't want to buy them. Just rent them year-round and focus on your climbing adventures!


  • only for youth members of Neoliet with a direct debit subscription
  • costs are € 6,- per month per youth member
  • the shoes may also be used outside the training, but of course only in our gym

Don't forget!

  • shoes are obtained at the counter for climbing
  • at the end of climbing, they must be turned in
  • the shoes should never be taken home, because of course others want shoes too
  • check your bag


  • closing can be done at the counter and goes into effect immediately
  • the upgrade takes place with an additional collection fee (i.e., an additional collection fee each month in addition to the membership)
  • the minimum term is 3 months and with automatic renewal
  • canceling can only be done with the form through the site (member service)
  • the notice period is one calendar month