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Want to gain competition experience in low-threshold competitions, measure yourself against other climbers with the same climbing level and climb challenging routes or boulders in different halls near you? Then sign up for the Series near you!

Climbing and bouldering halls, climbing clubs and the NKBV regions organize Series throughout the country with the support of the NKBV. These competitions are aimed at all recreational climbers. From beginners to advanced. The Series also provide better connection and flow of climbers to the National competition.


Saturday, November 12 Climbing Wall Utrecht
Saturday, November 26 Neoliet Utrecht
Saturday, December 17 MN Nieuwegein
Sunday, Jan. 15 Rock Steady Bussum
Saturday, January 28 finals Klimmuur Utrecht

Middle Netherlands - Youth Lead Series


Friday, November 11 Climbing Wall Utrecht
Friday, November 25 Neoliet Utrecht
Friday, December 16 MN Nieuwegein
Friday, Jan. 13 Rock Steady Bussum
Friday, Jan. 27 Final Climbing Wall Utrecht

Middle Netherlands - Lead Series

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