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Do you find climb fun, too? You can start climbing at an early age under adult supervision. Besides learning to move in all those cool routes, becoming strong and flexible, climbing also involves all kinds of safety aspects and training your risk awareness. Learning to act correctly and taking responsibility for your own safety and for each other is an essential part of climbing. Quite a lot, right? That's why you learn all that at the KlimklUP at your own pace.

Doing and learning a lot

Did you know that young children do not always oversee their own actions and their consequences in the way that adults can? The attention span of children is often somewhat shorter. Maybe you recognize this a little yourself? We use the guideline of the Climbing Safety Foundation. It states, for example, that you may independently boulder from 12 years of age, toprope climb from 14 years of age and independently preclimb from 16 years of age. But ... before that, of course, you also want to do and learn as much as possible.

KlimklUP - Neolite - Labeling system - Climbing
KlimklUP - Neolite - Labeling system - Climbing
KlimklUP - Neolite - Labeling system - Climbing
Photos: Linda Richter

Your trainer needs help

Neoliet awards you and all other KlimklUP-ers certain skills based on their age, experience and demonstrated behavior. Skills are the things you have all learned, practiced and what you are already very good at. Can you already do the partner check well? Or maybe toprope ferrying already? How old are you? It is quite difficult for your trainer and also your mates from your training group to remember all the things that everyone can and may do. We are going to help each other with that.

We'll give you a tan

The easiest way is for you and your trainer to quickly see what everyone can and can't do, or what the skills are. We have given those skills a cozy color and you may hang them on your belt. They are all cool labels that stand out nicely. Handy for you and your trainer! Oh... don't forget! At the end of the training you hand them back to your trainer.

Just remember all those colors. The label system is not a substitute for licensing and door policy. The label you get that day is a snapshot. Sometimes you get a different color because the hall is crowded or there is another trainer you don't know. So the label says nothing about your climbing level or is somewhat otherwise performance-related. The labels are a tool only.

Photos: Linda Richter

What does it look like?

We distinguish two training tracks. First, indoor toprope climbing with no or three labels and second, indoor preclimbing with two labels. So very sometimes you can get two labels on your belt.

Pretty complicated we think and that's why we made a nice picture for you! We hope that you can remember everything together with your trainer. Will you help us?


Larger groups have multiple trainers or assistants present. The assistants help you and your trainer. This can vary per training and is often a youth member of the KlimklUP. Of course we keep it as cozy as possible :). Do you still have questions? Ask your trainer.

Rick Verlaan - Neoliet Utrecht

written By Rick Verlaan

Rick is manager at Neoliet Utrecht with the largest youth club in the Netherlands, has over 20 years of experience in climbing and mountaineering, organizer of many national youth events and (national) competitions and much more.

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