May and June at Neoliet Tilburg are dedicated to preclimbing. From learning to preclimb to better preclimbing to lots of preclimbing! A while ago we installed a whole bunch of new preclimbing hooks and the routes in the roof will be renewed!

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About the event!

Take the lead in our lead event "Grab the Lead" in Tilburg. The routes are recognized by the route maps and can be found and checked off in Toplogger.

  • Start: May 30, 2022

  • Duration: 5 weeks

  • Register at the front desk or directly through Toplogger

  • Score keeping via Toplogger

  • Participation is free!

No pre-climb license yet?

Of course, you must be able to preclimb if you want to participate in Grab the Lead! Therefore, we have scheduled a pre-climbing course for you on May 9. Learn in this preclimbing course to use preclimbing walls or as a stepping stone to outdoor rock climbing.

  • Beginner climbing course, minimum 3 months of toprope experience and minimum climbing level 5c
  • From 16 years of age
  • 4 classes of 2 hours in 4 consecutive weeks
  • € 105 per person (excluding entrance fee)
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Working on your preclimax anxiety?

Do you reach for the rope very quickly if you fall while climbing? Or do you ask your fuse master to secure you tighter? When making a difficult pass, are you quick(er) to ask for a block or can't give your all for that move? These may be signs of anxiety. Do you recognize this or are there other mental aspects of anxiety you are running with? Do you want to move freely on the wall without anxiety hindering you? Then this clinic at Neoliet Eindhoven is the first step you can take.

In this clinic, you will work on the topic of anxiety during three workshops.

Workshop cleaning an anchor

Learn rebuilding in preparation for outdoor rock climbing with the rebuilding workshop on June 4.

  • Pre-climbing course and min climbing level 5c
  • From 16 years of age
  • Minimum of 6 participants
  • 1 lesson of 1 ½ hours
  • € 30 per person (excluding entrance fee)
  • Check out our online training courses on rope techniques on our YouTube channel!
  • Also important to know

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