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At Neoliet, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We are proud to maintain close relationships with a diverse group of partners and organizations that share our vision. These partnerships form the backbone of our community and enrich the climbing experience of all our customers. Together, we strive to innovate, share knowledge and create special moments in the climbing world. Discover our valued partners here and learn more about the projects and initiatives through which we strengthen the climbing community and push the boundaries.

List of partners

An overview of Neoliet's key partners. These may include other climbing facilities, outdoor organizations, climbing equipment brands, climbing schools, sports federations and other relevant parties. For each partner, you can provide a brief description of their expertise and how they contribute to the customer experience at Neoliet. LOGOS WITHOUT LINK

Collaborative projects

We put some collaborative projects in the spo(r)tlight for you that are aimed at increasing knowledge, sharing expertise or advancing the sport of climbing.

Everyone can learn to climb with us, and our sport has a permanent place in education at high schools. At Neoliet it is also possible to get your sports and professional licenses. We do this together with MBO and HBO in different programs. Besides the close cooperation in vocational education and the internships we offer, we also have room for school leavers within our company.
Internship company recognized and the various logos of schools.

Youth Sports
For our youth and those of others in the Netherlands we organize competitions on a national and regional level. Some of these competitions we do together with the Section Sportklimmen of the NKBV or we organize under the auspices of the NKBV. As with many youth activities, these costs often exceed the income. Neoliet receives no subsidy as a non-club, therefore the costs for these competitions are paid by Neoliet from other income. We are our own sponsor.

Sports at a young age
In some of our branches, we partner with BSO to introduce climbing to youth at an early age. Climbing is a growing youth sport. This collaboration can take different forms depending on the identity of the BSO. Parent-child climbing

Municipality - Sports agreement II and initiatives
In many of our branches we are active in the local Sports Agreement. There must be better and more sports in the Netherlands and, in our view, with even more fun.
Sports agreement II has three ambitions to strengthen sports in the Netherlands: the foundation in order, a greater range and more (visible) significance. The four strategic partners Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, NOC*NSF, Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten (VSG) and Platform Ondernemende Sport (POS) provide a framework for the implementation of local sports agreements. In the local sports agreement the municipality, together with sports providers and social organizations (welfare, health care, education), establishes agreements about the policy on sports and sporting activities. Add Logo sports agreement
Some examples of such cooperation are initiatives to introduce children to the different sports. Or or involve certain target groups in sports. Where possible, we also have close contact with the neighborhood coaches. In a large number of branches we have, for example, different training sessions for women only or seniors, youth groups for kids with disabilities. But also moments where we provide a low stimulation environment for people with ASD or brain injury. We invite the Municipality to make use of this or think further together.
Logo Try out Tilburg Logo Eindhoven and Ladies Only in Rotterdam and Plus group

Industry - BKS SVK
With multiple Dutch Champion Nienke Swart, Neoliet took the first step in 2006 to establish an industry association as a platform for entrepreneurs to work together to improve the quality of the sport and to share knowledge. Meanwhile, Neoliet is still active in the board. By the way, all on a voluntary basis. The Climbing Sports Trade Association is currently developing its own seal of approval and has over 90% of commercial climbing hall owners in its membership. BKS is affiliated with POS which represents a large part of the sports entrepreneurs to the government. A kind of NOC NSF for non-union sports.
Neoliet, with Leo Broekmans, and the Netherlands' first youth trainer, is also one of the initiators of the Safe Sport Climbing Foundation, which is responsible for the national accident database and organizes a number of safety campaigns each year, as well as conducting research and developing guidelines for the sport. This is done in close cooperation with the NKBV.

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