A section dedicated to Neoliet's outreach programs, such as special initiatives for youth, people with disabilities or other specific target groups. This shows how Neoliet is committed to making climbing accessible to diverse backgrounds and promoting equal opportunity.

An introductory paragraph highlighting Neoliet's commitment to making a positive impact in society through outreach programs. It can be mentioned here that Neoliet proudly partners with Oxfam Novib, TINO, the Tuition Assistance Foundation and the Bidonton to contribute to the communities in which they operate.

Leergeld Foundation

A section explaining how Neoliet and Stichting Leergeld join forces to create equal opportunities for children from families with limited financial resources. It describes how Neoliet provides support, such as offering climbing lessons or access to facilities for these children.

Oxfam Novib

A section describing how Neoliet and Oxfam Novib join forces to support communities and promote social justice. It lists specific projects or initiatives that are jointly implemented, such as providing climbing opportunities for disadvantaged youth or supporting local entrepreneurs in developing countries.

SAAR sports



An explanation of the partnership between Neoliet and TINO (The Indoor Nature Organization). Here it describes how both organizations are committed to connecting people to the natural world and promoting environmental awareness through educational programs and activities.

Impact and residuals

Highlight the impact and results of outreach programs. Share statistics, participant success stories and any recognition or awards received for community contributions. Paint a picture of how these programs have positively impacted lives.

Join and support

Close the page with information on how people can participate in the outreach programs or show their support. Encourage donations, volunteering or spreading awareness about the programs through social media.