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Member service

How do you become a member?
You can buy a membership at the counter, this is not possible via this site. You will then receive a Neoliet pass and your membership is valid immediately.

Advantages of being a member
The Neoliet membership is the most advantageous form of entrance if you want to train weekly and/or if you climb at least 6 times a month or more. Being a member of Neoliet has even more advantages. Below you can find the member benefits for the different memberships.

When are you a member?
You are a member of Neoliet when you have a subscription with a minimum duration of 6 months.

Where and how often can I come as a member?
You can come as often as you want, with the exception of some youth memberships. Some of the subscriptions are valid locally and others in all Neoliet climbing  gyms in the Netherlands.

What types of membership are there?
We have a six-month card with a cash payment and, different direct debit subscriptions for adults and for the KlimklUP. Direct debit subscriptions have a minimum term of 6 months and are automatically renewed with one month each time.

Do you have questions about a membership that are not answered here? We are happy to help.

Membership information

Contact member service

Do you have questions about your membership? If so, please contact us. For other questions, please contact your gym directly.