Mini workshops & refresher courses

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1. Situation Awareness (S.A.) - Mini Workshop.

The "Situation Awareness (S.A.) - Mini Workshop" aims to increase workplace safety through properly trained personnel. The workshop focuses on aspects that are often not adequately covered in existing training courses. Participants must hold an i1/SKB certificate and have attended the "Safety and Admission Policy" workshop.

Situational Awareness (S.A.) is considered a crucial basis for successful decision-making in situations where human life and property are at stake. Training S.A. is possible and develops with experience. The S.E.A.L. loop (See/Sense, Evaluate, Act, Learn) is used to improve S.A.. The workshop includes case studies and role plays to train S.A. specifically for the bouldering and climbing hall.

Case examples are given, such as recognizing bikes on arrival, climbers with the wrong footwear, and unusual situations during training sessions.