Learning Coach

Job Description

As a Learning Coach at climbing center Neoliet, you play a key role on our team. You not only have excellent knowledge of climbing and coaching, but also have a deep understanding of our company and culture. You will take responsibility for the learning pathway and provide support to practice supervisors in training our instructors and trainers-in-training, taking into account their individual needs and skill levels. In some cases, the learning coach acts as a practice supervisor himself.

Skills of the Learning Coach:

  1. Customized guidance: Identify and evaluate the needs and skills of instructors in training and establish personal development plans.
  2. Make connections: Bring instructors in training together with appropriate resources, trainers and staff within the company to optimize their learning.
  3. Progress Monitoring: Monitor regularly the progress of instructors in training and adjust supervision based on their development.
  4. Coaching and mentoring: Provide coaching, mentorship and feedback to instructors in training to improve their climbing, teaching and methodological skills.
  5. Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among instructors in training to foster a positive and supportive learning community.