FAQ - Staff2023-06-08T09:28:44+02:00
General information
How can I contact the HR department?2023-06-06T14:07:08+02:00
How can I update my personal information?2023-06-06T14:06:45+02:00
Salary and benefits
Am I entitled to mileage reimbursement?2023-06-07T17:01:23+02:00
How can I view my paycheck?2023-06-06T14:08:13+02:00
When will I receive my salary?2023-06-06T14:07:53+02:00
How is my salary calculated?2023-06-06T14:07:32+02:00
Leave and vacation
How many vacation days do I have left?2023-06-06T14:09:22+02:00
What are the rules for paid leave?2023-06-06T14:09:07+02:00
How do I apply for leave?2023-06-06T14:08:50+02:00
Employment conditions and policies
How many hours must I work to keep my staff subscription?2023-06-07T16:55:18+02:00
What is the policy for working from home?2023-06-06T14:10:29+02:00
What is the policy for sick days?2023-06-06T14:09:56+02:00
What are the working hours and breaks?2023-06-06T14:09:41+02:00
Training and development
Are there internal advancement opportunities?2023-06-06T14:11:16+02:00
How can I apply for a training budget?2023-06-06T14:11:02+02:00
Are there opportunities for training and education?2023-06-06T14:10:46+02:00
Corporate facilities
What are the facilities for on-site employees?2023-06-06T14:11:33+02:00
IT support
What are the guidelines for using company computers and equipment?2023-06-06T14:12:17+02:00
Who can I contact in case of technical problems?2023-06-06T14:12:04+02:00
How can I reset my password?2023-06-06T14:11:49+02:00
Safety and security
What are the security guidelines for protecting data?2023-06-06T14:13:00+02:00
How do I report a workplace incident?2023-06-06T14:12:46+02:00
What are the emergency safety procedures?2023-06-06T14:12:32+02:00
Is it mandatory for children to wear a Neoliet youth team jersey?2023-07-27T10:30:00+02:00

Yes, it is mandatory for children to wear a Neoliet youth team jersey.

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