Welcome to Neoliet

Since 1992 we have received our visitors in a warm atmosphere, in which you can work on your condition, mental and physical strength. Neoliet forms a unique community where everyone is welcome and where new friendships are formed. You can give substance to climbing in complete freedom how, when and with whom you want.

Neoliet has 12 climbing and bouldering gyms in the Netherlands and Germany, each with its own identity. Team Neoliet has been sharing its passion for climbing with you every day for almost 30 years. We look forward to seeing you!

What is climbing?

Indoor climbing originated from rock climbing from mountaineering. Our urban version is warm, dry and synthetic. Ropes provide safety. Climbing is vertical fitness, yoga and mindfulness in one, but more energetic, more varied and more enjoyable. By regularly renewing the routes, you have new challenges every time.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering originated from climbing on low boulders without a rope. With the urban variant you jump on thick mats. You can boulder alone or with each other. You train all the muscles in your body and the gray matter in your head in a relaxed way. You can keep on puzzling because the boulders are replaced regularly and come in all kinds of difficulty and types.


Do you want to make climbing your sport, have you been climbing for years or are you a top athlete? Are you young or old(er)? Just want to experience the sport?


For 18+ 
Train in one of our teams, follow a course or workshop or get started yourself. We are open 7 days a week and you can come whenever you want. There are different memberships to practice your sport cheaply, together or alone.

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For kids & youth
Neoliet not only has the largest youth club in the Netherlands, but also the coolest, with daily training sessions and regular fun events. Choose a team yourself that suits your age, your agenda (or that of your parents), but especially yourself.

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Business, family or birthday party
A spectacular experience? Neoliet has various adventurous packages, workshops and parties for all ages. There is more to experience than just climbing or bouldering. Customization or catering? We are happy to take care of it for you.

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For all types of education
The first steps in climbing, a climbing license or a sporty introduction day? We have nearly 30 years of experience in primary, secondary and special education. Neoliet provides vocational training at MBO and HBO level and we are a recognized internship company.

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‘verticale fitness’ community

Team Neoliet shares its passion for climbing with you every day. Neoliet is for and by climbers.