The use of corporate computers and equipment is subject to specific guidelines to ensure security, productivity and confidentiality. Here are the key guidelines regarding the use of company computers and equipment:

  1. Use only for work: Company computers and equipment should be used only for work-related tasks and activities. Personal use, such as surfing the Internet for non-work-related purposes, social media or personal emails, should be limited to non-work hours.
  2. No private activities during working hours: During work hours, the focus should be on work-related tasks. Personal business is not permitted unless it is part of specific company procedures (e.g., personal phone calls during breaks).
  3. Login and logout: Make sure you always log in to your company account and log out when you leave your computer or device. This is important for security and protecting sensitive information.
  4. Security and passwords: Keep your passwords secure and never share them with others. Use strong passwords.
  5. Compliance with policies: Follow company IT and security guidelines regarding the use of company computers and equipment. This includes avoiding downloading unauthorized software or opening suspicious emails or links.
  6. Protection of business information: Use extreme caution when handling confidential business information. Ensure that this information is not exposed to unauthorized persons and use encryption or secure methods if necessary.
  7. Report problems: If you notice problems, suspicious activity or security concerns related to company computers and equipment, report them immediately to the manager. He/She can then contact the appropriate person to resolve the problem.

Adherence to these guidelines is essential to ensure the integrity of company information and efficiency of operations. It also helps maintain a safe and professional work environment.