Reporting a workplace incident is an important part of ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers and our employees. Here are the steps to follow to report an incident:

  1. Incident-accident registration: If you witness or are involved in an incident, fill out the accident registration form available in the checkout taskbar. Be sure to select the correct form, as there are separate forms for incidents related to bouldering and climbing.
  2. Confidential Contact: If the incident involves events between employees or if you feel unsafe in the workplace, contact one of the confidential contact persons. These individuals are available to listen, offer support and help address concerns and incidents.Monique Robben:
    Looi Zuidwijk:
  3. Manager: You may also contact your immediate manager to report the incident and discuss the situation. Your manager is responsible for initiating any necessary actions and will guide you through the process.
  4. Alternative manager: If for any reason you do not wish to contact your immediate manager, you may contact a manager at another location within our organization. They can assist you in handling the incident and taking appropriate action.

Reporting a workplace incident is critical to ensuring the safety, well-being and work environment of our employees. We encourage all employees to report incidents and follow the above steps to ensure that any problems or concerns are adequately addressed.