Within our organization, we do not work with a fixed training budget. However, we strive to support and promote the professional development of our employees. If you have a need for specific knowledge, training, or if you come across an interesting workshop relevant to your position, you can discuss it with your manager. Here are the steps you can follow to explore training opportunities:

1. Identify your needs: Determine what specific knowledge, skills or training you need to perform your job more effectively or to advance your career.

2. Explore training opportunities: Look for training, workshops, courses, or other learning resources that meet your needs. This can include both internal and external training opportunities.

3. Discuss with your manager: Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your training needs and interests. Your manager can advise you on what training is most relevant to your job and your future goals.

4. Create a training plan: Work with your manager to create a training plan that will help you achieve your goals. This plan can include the content, duration, cost and schedule of training.

5. Application and registration: Once your training needs have been identified and your manager has agreed to the training plan, you can proceed to request and register for training.

Although we do not have a fixed training budget, we support the professional development of our employees through open communication with managers and the opportunity to explore training opportunities. Our approach is based on providing relevant development opportunities to help our employees grow and contribute to their success within the organization.