Ethics and responsibility

Here you can highlight Neoliet's ethical principles, such as respecting natural climbing areas, safety priorities, good climbing practices and promoting responsible behavior among climbers.


An introductory paragraph highlighting Neoliet's commitment to ethical action and responsibility. It can be mentioned here that Neoliet strives to create a positive impact both within the climbing community and beyond.

Security and integrity

A section emphasizing that safety and integrity are top priorities at Neoliet. This describes the measures and guidelines followed to ensure the safety of climbers, including regular inspections and maintenance of climbing facilities.


An outline of Neoliet's sustainability policy. This describes the steps taken to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, such as reducing energy consumption, recycling programs, use of sustainable materials and awareness of ecological impact.

Community involvement

A section describing how Neoliet is involved in the community. This may include involvement in local initiatives, youth programs, climinitiatives for disadvantaged groups, and collaborations with community organizations. Highlight Neoliet's role in promoting inclusiveness and creating equal opportunities for all.

Ethical climbing

A section emphasizing the importance of ethical climbing behavior. Here guidelines are shared on respecting the natural environment, complying with local rules and avoiding harmful impact on the climbing area.