Do you get stuck in a roof? Are your arms just too short? Are you missing some back? And despite all those tips from those wide guys (with much longer arms) you just don't get anywhere? Would you really like to move up a level? We have the answer...

From Wednesday, March 9, the new training for and by women starts at Neoliet Eindhoven Noord; power women! Your level doesn't matter. The only conditions are that you are female and motivated!

Now we can see you thinking! Why only for women? Especially to have a nice chat? No way! We are going to train hard! We are going to get stronger and discover together how we can solve steps differently if we are just not strong or long enough. The girls in this group use each other's (climbing) skills to the fullest and motivate each other every training session.

The training will be taught by Denise. Denise is 23 years old and has been climbing since she was seven years old. Climbing is her passion and hard training her style. She trained in the youth selection of Neoliet and participated in national competitions. Now she studies neuropsychology, so you can learn a lot from her in that area too!

No wife? Jealous? Then let us know, because of course we are happy to organize a Powerman training too! Our other adult training groups are mixed.

The training takes place on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.