For our location Neoliet Eindhoven we are looking for a trainer and/or climbing instructor immediately. A climbing crazy employee, who is eager to share his/her/its passion for climbing with others.

trainer instructor

As an instructor, you will be the one who safely introduces new climbers, young and old, to and completely crazy Makes with your enthusiasm for the sport. As a trainer you will build on this and guide climbers to a better climbing level. In addition, you make sure that your training group has a lot of climbing fun.

A sample of your duties at Neoliet Eindhoven

In addition to teaching, training and instruction, you assist in all areas as needed. You know what we all have to offer, and you're not afraid to sell it.

Where do you end up?

Neoliet Eindhoven has two branches; Neoliet Eindhoven Noord and Neoliet Eindhoven Zuid. You can be deployed for both locations. In addition, you will join a close-knit team, where new colleagues are welcomed with open arms. Together we ensure that the climbing gym is a great place to climb, hang out and work.

Who are we looking for?

You, of course! You love climbing and enjoy communicating that to others. You are friendly, cheerful, sociable and open. Furthermore, you work neat and tidy, and take it for granted to keep your workplace clean and tidy.

Ideally, of course, you are already a sport climbing supervisor, instructor, and trainer. However, we can imagine that you do not yet have these certificates. In that case; everything can be learned.

Knowledge of climbing

However, you already have considerable knowledge of climbing. If you are not yet a climbing instructor, we can train you internally (quickly). Also as a trainer you will be well trained. Trainings are largely in practice and at our own location(s). They are also recognized within the sports qualification structure.

We can assign you to fixed training day(s), but you are also flexible. You see work, and indeed, you think with us about how we can improve the climbing experience in the climbing hall can improve. In consultation, you take initiatives and you like to think with us about all kinds of wild plans.

Just to recap

  • You have your sport climbing supervisor certification or are willing to obtain it

  • We are looking for an (assistant) trainer for 5 training groups

  • You can assume that more hours will always become available in the future

  • Instructor work is flex; with the prospect of a permanent course-moment

  • If you would like to work more hours or expand your duties, that is negotiable


Do you fit this position like two drops of water? Let us hear from you via

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