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Also important to know


Don’t forget for participants and supervisors:
• Comfortable (sports) clothing (no dress, heels, etc.)
• Clean indoor sports shoes or climbing shoes
• Long hair in a ponytail or updo
• Do not wear jewelry and/or loose materials (eg no cell phone in your pocket)
• Youth (top-rope climbing) younger than 14 years old needs an adult supervisor (1 supervisor per 3 kids)
• Youth (bouldering) under 12 years old needs an adult supervisor

NB The activity includes climbing equipment (climbing harness, a carabiner and a belay device). You can rent climbing shoes, these are not mandatory. A course always includes climbing shoes. For bouldering you don’t need a climbing harness, carabiner and belay device.

NB There are lockers available. We advise you not to bring any valuables or leave them in the car or changing room.


Payment in advance is made in the following ways:
• Payment is made online at the time of booking. The full costs must be paid in one go via iDEAL. If you use extra services, this will be paid on the spot by means of a PIN payment. Only when the online payment has been made, the reservation is final.
• Do you use a voucher? Always take the printed version with you. This must be handed in at the counter. Unfortunately, we cannot accept images, codes, etc. on telephones.
• Would you like to use a Neoliet Gift Card? Please contact our customer service.

NB You will always receive a confirmation email, but check your spam or call us if you have not received it. We are happy to send a new one.

Move/cancel booking

Another date is possible, but rather not!
Have you booked a course, introductory lesson or party, but you can’t come anyway? In that case you have the option to move the booking. We would like to look at an alternative date together at least 14 days before the start.

More people? Nice!
Are you coming with a few more people? Then we would like to hear that 7 days in advance! We can then schedule an extra instructor if the group becomes too large.

Canceling part or all of the booking?
Is it more convenient to move, but you really don’t want to or can’t anymore? You can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before the booking. Within 7-14 days before the booking you pay 50% of the costs and within 7 days in advance no refund is possible. Cancellation is only possible via a reply to the booking confirmation email.

NB Do keep in mind that for some bookings there is a minimum number of participants and that this must always be paid, even if you come with fewer participants?


Climbing is a risk sport. By booking this activity you have agreed to our house rules, safety instructions and terms and conditions. These are available separately at the counter, on the wall, included with the confirmation email and can be found on the safety page >.
You must inform all participants of your booking yourself. Participants should realize that responsibility is transferred to them during the lesson. Participants are responsible for their own safety and that of the climbing partner and are aware of the risks that climbing can entail.

Safety page

Introduction lesson at Neoliet

Important information with your booked (group) introductory lesson.

During the introduction you will learn from our instructor in a personal way how you can safely boulder and jump. Of course we teach you a few inside tricks and kicks.

The group introductory class is free and a fun way to meet people. In the private introductory lesson, personal attention is central and there is more time for your questions and wishes.

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to try on climbing shoes.

You can book this in Rotterdam > and Utrecht >

Safety movie bouldering

During the group introductory lesson you will climb in rope groups of 2 or 3.

Do you want to come and climb again after the group introductory lesson or introductory lesson? Then you climb again under the guidance of an instructor.

Do you want to come and climb regularly? Then join the beginners course in climbing (indoor toprope course). After completing this course you will receive your K2/ITC license and you can independently climb/belay on beginner and advanced walls in all climbing centers in the Netherlands. Moreover, after completing this course, you will receive a free month of unlimited climbing in all Dutch Neoliet climbing and bouldering gyms.

You can book this in Utrecht >, Tilburg >, Eindhoven North >, Eindhoven South > and Heerlen>

info & safety movie climbing

Courses at Neoliet

Important information with your booked course.

It is not mandatory to follow a beginners course, but it is fun and educational. In a number of lessons you will learn the basics of bouldering and there is room for you personally. Of course you get to know new people and you can ask anything you want. The first time, please be present fifteen minutes in advance to try on climbing shoes.

You can do this course in Rotterdam >

safety movie bouldering

The first time, please be present fifteen minutes in advance to try on climbing shoes.

After the course you get a month of free climbing. During your free month you can climb unlimited (as often as you want) in all Dutch Neoliet locations.

During your course you will use our climbing equipment. Do you not have your own climbing gear after passing your exam? Then these can be rented at the counter. After the course you can also buy a starter pack. You will then receive an attractive discount in our shop on your first climbing gear. Ask about this offer if you missed it.

You can do this course in Utrecht >, Tilburg >, Eindhoven North >, Eindhoven South > and Heerlen>

safety movie toprope climbing

You then use your own basic climbing equipment. You use our lead climbing ropes and sets.

You can do this course in Utrecht >, Tilburg >, Eindhoven North >, Eindhoven South > and Heerlen >

safety movie lead climbing

Workshops for adults at Neoliet

Important information with your booking

In this workshop you can get a taste of the route building profession. You learn the basic safety issues and how to use your creativity in your own route. If you are enthusiastic, you can then participate in the nationally recognized route builder course. There is room for your questions and of course you get to know new people.

The workshop includes materials. Some climbing experience and a K2/ITC license is required.

Perhaps you have already seen our online training rope techniques > on You Tube? We are happy to explain the conversion of this sequence in the Rope Techniques Workshop Part I in person, so that you are better prepared to go rock climbing in areas such as Berdorf. We do recommend that you prepare thoroughly with an outdoor pre-climbing course before you start rock climbing.

The course includes materials. Some experience and the indoor lead climbing course is required.