The Dutch Youth Lead 2023 Championships took place last weekend in Arnhem. The event drew the country's most talented youth climbers, who competed for the coveted title of Dutch Youth Lead Champion. More than 100 fanatical climbers from 8 to 18 years old competed in their own age category for the highest spot on the podium! This year Neoliet has gained a number of Dutch Youth Champions and Team Neoliet captured the national title for the best team. 

The Dutch Youth Lead Championship is an important platform for young climbers to show their skills and compete with the best youth climbers in the country. Neoliet would like to congratulate all participants for their dedication and perseverance. They also thank all the coaches, supporters and volunteers who contributed to the success! 

Moreover, after an intense competition last year, Team Neoliet emerged as national champions. All climbers of Team Neoliet delivered extraordinary performances after training extremely hard over the past years. Neoliet is proud of all youth climbers and their trainers who competed extremely hard during the NJK.

Two remarkable young climbers from Eindhoven, Daniel Mennink (U16) and Sanne Gijselman (U20), demonstrated their talent and determination, leading to their victory as Dutch Youth Lead Champions in their respective age categories.

Climbers from Tilburg, Bibi Hamers and Mirre Wijnen, demonstrated their girl power, which led to their victory as Dutch Youth Lead Champions (Bibi) and third place (Mirre) and in their respective age category (U18). Jaden Tjon just missed out and took a handsome fourth place. In the U16, Elin van der Lee from Tilburg also took fourth place.

Two remarkable young climbers from Utrecht, Jesper Landman and Thijs Pieters, also showed us how it's done. The title of Dutch Youth Champion Lead is for Jesper and a nice third place is for Thijs in their age category U20.

Owners of Neoliet, former multiple Dutch champions Erik Jacobs and Nienke Swart, see a remarkable level of youth competition and performance this year, making the future of Dutch climbing look promising.