Today is International Women's Day! On March 8, 1908 in New York the one big strike from women place. The strike was the beginning of years of struggle for equal pay, better working conditions and an end to sexual harassment in the workplace. In 1910 did the German socialist Clara Zetkin during the International Women's Conference in Copenhagen the proposal to declare March 8 as International Women's Day. In 1978, International Women's Day was established by the United Nations acknowledged.

How are we doing in climbing?

Climbing has always been seen as a male-dominated sport, but women have also played an important role. Starting in the 1970s and 1980s, more and more women participated in climbing trips and competitions. Back then, it was still a challenge for women to be considered equal to their male counterparts and to receive recognition for their achievements.

In the 1990s to the present, the sport of climbing is growing due to the emergence of indoor climbing and bouldering halls, with more and more women experiencing the sport in their own way. Fortunately, women have been able to make many changes in recent years. With the advent of youth training and thus a strong women's field at the last Olympics, competitive climbers are an inspiration to young girls.

Climbing for women

There are more and more women and young girls today who have chosen climbing as a sport and are participating in climbing trips and competitions. A few climbing organizations specifically target women, with programs and events that give them the opportunity to grow and excel in the sport, each in their own way. At least at Neoliet! An example are Neoliet's weekly Powervrouw training sessions or other events organized for and by climbers. But also the increase of women in our workforce. Did you know that in our youth training groups the male/female distribution is equal? And that Neoliet has an increasing number of female route builders?

International Women's Day should be celebrated

In today's times, women in climbing sports are in a strong position. Women today have a greater voice and are better represented in climbing through their involvement within the organizations in and around the sport, both voluntary and professional. Within Neolite there is a lot of focus on equality and diversity within the sport. We have many women climbing and working with us. Today, March 8, 2023, on International Women's Day, we put our own power women of the back office in the spo(r)tlight. Women who have been with us for a long time and who play an important role in our organization. Women on and with whom we can build!

To celebrate women's climbing with and through women will Swaen Harmsen on Saturday, April 22, come and tell us about the first female alpinists who climbed at a time when conquering mountains was reserved for only the bravest of men. These women show us that we can do more than we sometimes dare to believe. She also talks about bigwall climbing in Yosemite, sleeping on the wall, living in a van and sport climbing every day. About the mental aspect of climbing and projects, giving everything but not everything, pre-climb anxiety, daring to take charge and taking your goals seriously. Then we can climb together or talk about climbing. Don't forget to bring your gear!