Climbing, an exciting sport that is all about challenge and adventure, requires the highest degree of safety. The essence of climbing lies in trusting yourself, your climbing partner and your equipment. The rope is literally your lifeline, and the connection to yourself just has to be optimal. In Dutch climbing halls there are two commonly used methods for tying: direct tying and indirect tying. In this article we focus on the latter, with emphasis on the indispensable role of extra secure carabiners.

Indirect binding

The double figure eight knot

At Neoliet we use the method of indirect tying. This means that where there is a loop with a double figure-of-eight knot in the rope, you can tie yourself to climb. This knot provides the perfect base for extra secure carabiners. Before climbers tie themselves in, a thorough inspection of the knot is crucial. At Neoliet, we take the utmost care to correctly tie knots so that climbers can always count on a solid foundation.

The right carabiner: Safelock for maximum locking security

The German Deutscher Alpenverein has classified extra secure carabiners into three categories: low locking security, medium locking security and Safelock (high locking security). At Neoliet, safety always comes first, and so without question we choose the highest locking safety standard - Safelock carabiners. Two excellent choices are the DMM Belay Master and the Mammut Smart carabiner, both available in our shop. These carabiners make partner checks easy: when the flap is closed, the carabiner is optimally secured.

The flap also ensures that the carabiner always stays in the correct position. Even if this flap is accidentally opened, you will still remain safely attached to a carabiner with a tightened screw lock. With a free hand, you can effortlessly close the flap again. Other carabiners, such as trialock shackles, microwave gridlock, classic screw carabiners and more, do not meet the high safety standards we maintain at Neoliet.

Safely secure with medium-high locking security

For securing purposes, a carabiner from the medium-locking safety category is sufficient. In some cases, the manufacturer of securing devices may prescribe a specific carabiner. It is important to strictly follow these requirements to ensure optimal locking security. However, the use of the Belay Master can be problematic because of the flap, which can get in the way in some securing devices.

Safety and responsibility

It is of utmost importance that climbers take responsibility for their own safety and for the choice of their equipment. There are countless options in the world of climbing equipment, but the right choice depends on specific use and personal preference. Be sure to always follow the instructions for use and buy equipment from reliable sources, such as authorized mountaineering stores.

Better safe than sorry

To conclude, we reiterate the importance of extra secure carabiners for a worry-free climbing experience. At Neoliet we stand for maximum safety and quality, and we offer the best options to ensure that your climbing adventure will be an unforgettable, but above all safe experience. Thereby, of course, with every climb, regardless of your experience, a partner check mandatory. Climb with confidence and enjoy every challenge, knowing you can rely on your gear and the extra secure carabiners that keep you safe, anytime, anywhere.