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Additional information about your booking – education

For a good and pleasant cooperation during the booked climbing activity at Neoliet, we would like to inform you in advance of our guidelines for supervising groups from education.

Preparation for the activity
Upon arrival, students can change in the changing rooms. A number of things are important here:
• All jewelry must be removed during the activity, as this could allow students to get caught behind climbing holds
• All (clothing) pockets must be empty, items can fall down or get lost
• Long hair must be tied up, the hair can get caught in the material

When everyone is ready, the students go into the climbing room accompanied by our instructor.

Due to the corona measures, it may all be a little different than usual. For example, the changing rooms and/or lockers may be out of order.

What does the instruction look like?
After a short demonstration, the instructor will explain all the steps of safe bouldering/climbing/speleo activities. Climbing is a risk sport and we ask for a high concentration of the students during this instruction. As soon as the instruction is ready (approximately 10 minutes), the students start working independently under the supervision of our instructor. At the end of the lesson, the instructor will call the group back together and it will be concluded together.

Important! If it concerns an introductory climbing lesson for students under the age of 14, the educational institution itself must provide sufficient supervisors who will secure the children. The ideal ratio is 1 supervisor for 3 students.

Important! If a group is restless and dangerous situations arise as a result, we will approach the relevant teacher and intervene where necessary. In the worst case, we are forced to stop the activity in the interest of the safety of the students.

What we expect from you?
• In order to make the instruction as smooth and efficient as possible, we kindly ask you to inform the students in advance about the importance of our instruction. Failure to properly record this instruction can lead to dangerous situations. In addition, we ask you to supervise clothing, hair, jewelry, etc.
• Our instructors will take care of the instruction during the activity, but we ask the present teacher to actively take care of order and peace in the group. Both during the instruction and while climbing or any other activity.
• You must keep your own absence lists.
• In case of missing material or damage by students, the school will be held liable by us. Valuables can be dropped off at the counter at your own risk or lockers can be used. Neoliet is not liable for theft or loss of student goods.
• Let us know immediately if there are students present with behavioral or health problems that require extra guidance or attention from us. Additional guidance is provided if necessary.

Change number of participants
• Changes of some participants can be made in writing up to two working days before the booking. Will there be a lot more or a lot less? Then we would like to hear this seven days in advance, because we then have to deploy an extra instructor or have to cancel. A minimum number of 10 pupils/students is always invoiced, even if there are fewer.
• On arrival, the number of reserved pupils/students is assumed in accordance with the agreement. Are there more? These will then be invoiced as additional costs.

• Cancellation of part or the entire arrangement is possible without costs up to 14 days in advance, otherwise we are forced to charge the amount in accordance with the order confirmation/quote.
• It is possible to cancel part or all of the arrangement up to 7 days in advance, but then 50% of the amount will be charged in accordance with the order confirmation/quote.
• In case of cancellation within 7 days or no shows, 100% in accordance with order confirmation/quote will be charged.

• If you receive an invoice, we kindly ask you to pay it within the payment term of 30 days. If this does not happen, we will charge administration costs and payment in advance may have to be made in the future.
• The rates apply for a maximum of 1 ½ hours per lesson. If you reserve/are present for more than 1 ½ hours, we will charge the students/pupils double. When you reserve more than 3 hours, we charge the students/pupils triple, etc.

Agree house rules and conditions
By booking this activity you have agreed to our house rules, safety instructions and (general) conditions. These are available separately at the counter, on the wall, included with your booking and can be found on the safety page > . You must inform the participants and legal representatives of the participants yourself. You, participants and legal representatives must realize in advance that responsibility is transferred to them during the lesson. Participants are responsible for their own safety and that of the (climbing) partner. Participants and legal representatives are aware of the risks that climbing and other activities can entail.