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Climbing fun for everyone!

Neoliet is a place where sport, relaxation and meeting people go hand in hand in a relaxed setting. For young and old, for recreational and elite athletes, for education and business, for parasite athletes and those who want to watch from the sidelines.

We offer the sport in all its disciplines: rope climbing, bouldering (climbing to jumping height) and speed (rapid climbing). In complete freedom, you can give your interpretation of the sport of climbing how, when and with whom you want.  Freedom that belongs to this day and age.

Neoliet was founded by 8-time Dutch champion Erik Jacobs and born out of passion for climbing. We pioneer, innovate and develop further. Neoliet now has 12 climbing and bouldering gyms in the Netherlands and Germany, each with their own identity and a fantastic team of entrepreneurs, climbers and bouldering enthusiasts. We offer a variety of services in exercise and health, have our own national training center and work together with many different partners.

In our vision, sport & meet is a right of every human being. Team Neoliet has been sharing its passion for climbing with society every day for almost 30 years. Climbing is a healthy, beautiful way of exercise and sports for everyone.

Meet our gyms & people

All Neoliet branches have a great team full of passionate climbers and bouldering enthusiasts and of course an enterprising manager. We are located in the Netherlands and Germany.

Corporate Sustainability

Neoliet is happy to take on the challenge of being as sustainable as possible.


We are Oxfam Novib corporate ambassador and recognized by Wagemark (limited differences in remuneration between the highest and lowest earners within a company).

Part of our Team consists of Wajongers and young people with distance to the labor market. This also applies to our youth members. Our teams are diverse in age, educational level, gender and more.

We regularly open our doors to social initiatives.

We are an active healthy hangout for everyone, including those who do not always have it easy, in one way or another.


Our catering assortment is as much as possible organic, low meat and as much as possible fair trade. We support organizations such as Natuurmonumenten.

We promote the use of bicycles among employees, as well as public transport. Of course we limit the use of paper, water and energy as much as possible.

In all our offices we have 100% green energy, often generated by solar panels or geothermal heat and otherwise purchased.

By reusing, refurbishing handles/walls and innovating, we try to achieve environmental gains.

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Neoliet was founded by 8-time Dutch Champion and avid outdoor climber Erik Jacobs. Our team consists of athletes who share their passion at all levels and with all ages.

Our top and parasport athletes as role models for the youth. You can always do more than you think. We invest in youth, competitive and elite sports, as inspiration, so that grassroots sport can grow. Everyone can climb.

To make climbing your profession, we founded the Neoliet Academy. We also share our passion with partners and other like-minded people.

Meet our partners

 In our unique community where everyone is welcome and where new friendships are formed, collaborations are also created.  Commercial motives are not paramount at Neoliet, which gives free space for a different perspective on sports that we shape together with our partners.

Working at Neoliet

Neoliet is looking for enterprising climbers and bouldering enthusiasts as well as new opportunities to give climbing even more of a place in our society.